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Village of Somerset prepares for 2011 reappraisal of properties

On Wednesday, May 18, Somerset Village property owners were given the opportunity to have their questions answered regarding the upcoming village -wide re-appraisal.

Dean Peters, project manager with Associated Appraisals out of Oshkosh, visited Somerset Village Hall that day for an informational meeting.

The whole event was prompted by the 2010 assessments. In January of 2011, business property owners were shocked to open their property bills to find it had increased up to 22 percent.

At the January meeting of the village board, many property owners were in attendance to question the situation. The board explained at that time that the assessor, Peter Post, had only assessed the residential properties for 2010, but had assessed the commercial properties the year before.

"There was a reduction in residential so the tax burden was redistributed," explained Peters in a phone interview. "The commercial properties were not re-valued so they did not receive any previous notice."

The village has since hired Peters to do a complete re-evaluation of the village -- both residential and commercial.

An assessment requires an assessor to go to every single property to do a walk-through of the house, business, rental, etc. to do an evaluation of what the property is worth.

"It takes about 10 minutes," said Peters.

To cover the entire village, Peters said that he plans to have three assessors in the field starting July.

Notifications will be mailed to all property owners about the target date the assessor will arrive. Should no one be home, Peters said they will leave a door hanger note asking the owner to contact them for a visit.

He said that the field assessors will be obvious in their occupation.

"They will wear company clothing, drive Red Fleet vehicles, have I.D. tags and will carry a letter of introduction on Village of Somerset letterhead," he explained.

The entire assessment of the village is scheduled to be complete by September 2011 in time for any appeals to be filed.