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Deerfield residents take their picnic indoors

Despite heavy rains Friday, residents at The Deerfield senior living complex in New Richmond enjoyed the 10th annual Marilyn Everson summer picnic celebration.

At the last minute, the picnic, which is usually held at Everson's home in New Richmond, was moved inside. The attendees still enjoyed a lunch of picnic food, topped off by Everson's favorite fresh raspberry desert.

Everson started her picnic in 2001 and has kept it up ever since.

"After I did it once, it drove me to do it again," she said. "All the residents enjoy being outdoors."

Some even help pick the raspberries on Everson's property or walk around the yard.

"They really enjoy it," Everson said. "They tell me it's like being in their own backyard."

One Deerfield resident, Camille Baker, has been to all of Everson's summer events. She was all ready to hop on the bus and head over to Everson's place Friday morning when rains washed away any idea of being outdoors.

Still, the group made the best of it an enjoyed their meal at The Deerfield.