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Roberts Village Board discusses warning sirens and village assessors

The Village of Roberts needs to educate the public.

At the August board meeting, the members discussed how several residents have been complaining that they cannot hear the new weather sirens.

Willard Moeri, village president, said that he alone has had 20 people approach him about the problem. So he decided to have someone come up to test the system from various points in the village.

"The issue was that the decimal reading was supposed to go up 10 points," he explained. "We started at 52-54, and every place we went it was between 75-80. I know the sirens are working - even with the wind blowing."

Chuck Pizzi, board member, said that the public needs to understand the new sirens are rotating versions, as opposed to the solid blast from the previous ones.

Katy Kapaun, board member, suggested that those who were complaining about not hearing the siren probably had their windows closed with the air-conditioning on.

"These sirens are strictly designed to warn people who are outside to go in and take cover," said John Bond, public works director. "None of them are designed to alert people who are already inside. It's a public education thing you really have to look at."

The board will send out a flyer to all residents explaining the new siren system.

Another issue the board discussed was a new property assessor for the Village of Roberts. It had been suggested that the board have a local person be the assessor. For the past 31 years, the village has contracted with Dave Dueholm of Madison.

Last month, the village sent out requests to 12 different assessors in the area - only two responded. Dueholm was one; Associated Appraisals, of Green Bay, was the other.

Dueholm attended the August board meeting to answer any questions. Doreen Kruschke, village clerk, said that Associated Appraisals said they would also attend, but they were not there. Several of the board members expressed confusion over their proposal and voiced their concerns over the company not being present to answer questions.

Dueholm had just evaluated the entire village last year. By his estimation, it should not have to be done for another 6-7 years, unless the village calls for a re-evaluation.

The board decided to renew its one-year contract with Dueholm.

In other news:

-- The Town of Webster sent cheese to the Village of Roberts in appreciation of letting them use the wood chipper last month to help with storm cleanup.

-- Some board members and residents complained about the dust on the Division Street construction site. The village will speak to the contractor about watering the site during the day to keep dust at bay.

-- Cleanup days are scheduled for Sept. 17-Oct. 15.

-- Bond said that new phosphorus ruling has been passed which requires micro-filtration in water treatment plants. To get the village up to regulations, it will require $7-8 million for the new technology. Bond said the village will need to address that by the time their current permit is up - in about seven years.

-- The board approved the business plan for Topstitchery LLC on Main Street. The business will rent machines for quilting and give lessons on how to use them.

-- The board approved the business plan for Hackman Town and Country. Ivan and Brenda Hackman said they want to have a 14,000 square foot store to sell retail goods, hardware and feed, gifts and household items. They do not have a business site yet but hope to have a plan by next month.

The board approved the Roberts Lions Club Temporary Class B picnic license for the "Run What Ya Brung" tractor pull on Aug. 27.

-- The board decided to table the proposed garbage increase with Veolia since they were not in attendance.

-- The board approved the second annual ShaRonDale subdivision block party on Sept. 10.

-- The board approved a change order for A-1 Excavating for $235,000 for Division Street. The change was due to poor dirt under the street that needed to be replaced.

-- The Village of Roberts meets the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Village Hall. The public is welcome to attend.