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Council, supervisor meeting idea gets cold shoulder

A suggestion from New Richmond Council member Jane Hansen was rejected at Monday's regular meeting.

Hansen offered a plan for the city's finance committee to meet twice a month with the police chief, fire chief and city administrator.

She said the idea is to open communication between the council and the supervisors that report directly to the elected officials. Have regular meetings would help facilitate progress toward the goals established by the council's strategic planning process, Hansen said.

She proposed that the meeting schedule be approved a six-month trial period, "to see if it helps with communication."

But her fellow council members weren't anxious to support the plan.

"I think we're micro-managing again," said Alderman Jim Zajkowski. "I think we have good people running our departments. I don't want people looking over their shoulders all the time."

Alderman Roberta Dale-Wozniak agreed.

"This is getting way into the day-to-day management of the city," she said. "That's not the council's role."

Alderman Craig Kittel said it's a good idea to review the progress of strategic planning goals, but such an aggressive meeting schedule seems unnecessary. He suggested that the council meet with supervisors a couple times a year to discuss such matters.

Police Chief Mark Samelstad agreed with the majority of the council.

"When is the micro-managing going to stop?" he asked.

City Administrator Dennis Horner said city employees are always available to answer questions or report on the progress of strategic planning goals. He didn't see the need to schedule a slate of meetings on a regular basis.

The proposal failed to gain any traction and Hansen pulled the idea from the table.