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Roberts gives go-ahead to railroad industrial park

The Roberts Village Board had a special meeting on Monday, Sept. 19, to discuss the new DSZ Development's property plan for a railroad industrial park.

DSZ purchased 116 acres of land adjacent to the current industrial park and now they are taking steps to start developing it.

At the regular board meeting on Sept. 12, the board approved DSZ's concept plan - Crane 1 access off Highway 65 to stay where it is proposed up to the cul-de-sac.

However, deciding how to hook up to the sewer system was not quite so easy.

At the Sept 12 meeting, Angi Goodwin, village engineer, explained that because the developer and the village both hope to develop the property, they should look at long-term and short-term solutions.

Short-term would allow DSZ to hook into the existing interceptor sewer line for $40,000 to service the initial lots. Representatives from DSZ at the meeting acknowledged that cost.

The long term solution would be to install a deeper interceptor that would service all of the property. This would cost $140,000.

DSZ representatives said they are not willing to pay that much right now.

The board then discussed options of how to pay for the $140,000. Goodwin suggested a cost-sharing plan with the developer paying the first $40,000 and the village financing the rest through impact fees or interceptor fees.

Willard Moeri, village president, said the long-term option made sense so the village can avoid a more expensive lift station in the future.

"At some point, this has to be done," said Moeri at the Sept. 12 meeting.

The board decided to table the issue until the special board meeting on Sept. 19.

At the special meeting, they determined that the concept plan can hook up to the wastewater treatment plant, as it was built with a second interceptor for the property directly south. There will be fees associated with this, but the interceptor would service the entire property without having to add lift stations.

The board approved a motion to allow DSZ to attach to the current sewer interceptor.

The second issue at the special meeting was the dedication of the streets on Crane 1 property.

The board was initially hesitant to allow DSZ to dedicate anything until they got more information from the Department of Transportation (DOT) and advice from Bill Rodosevich, village attorney, on the process.

"If we get that dedicated, what are we going to do with it right now?" asked Moeri. "We need to (check with the DOT) to see what their plans are."

Matt Heib, of Auth Consulting & Associates, (ACA) S&N Land Surveying, was at both meetings to present the DSZ concept plan.

For the special meeting, he said he had spoken with Jim Koenig of the DOT about the mapping/dedication of the streets in this property. It was determined that a developer's agreement would create a timeline for the dedication and deeding of the streets. The deed would be recorded when 70th Avenue would be closed by the DOT.

As the developer is putting in long turn lanes, they are going to lower the speed limit to 45 mph. The board agreed.