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Block party helped by the name and date change

"We have no idea what we'll get at the live auction," said Ann Erlitz, organizer of the Church Hill Block Party. Here a boat motor is auctioned off for $50.1 / 2
Attendees could choose to have "crazy hair" during the Church Hill Block Party on Oct. 2.2 / 2

Seems like the block party committee was on the right track when they shifted the date and changed the name of the former Somerfest celebration in August.

Re-christened the "Church Hill Block Party," the revised event took place Oct. 1 -2 in the parking lot of St. Anne's School.

"The attendance was way up from last year and the year before," said Ann Erlitz, organizer of the event. "And it wasn't just people from St. Anne's - they were from all over."

The weekend event started on Saturday, Oct. 1 with a street dance; The Arcades played 50's music, and there was a beer garden, paddle raffles and silent auction.

Sunday consisted of bake sales, live auctions, and carnival games. New this year were the bouncy house, donated by Anez Party Rental, and the Milk Buds cart rides, courtesy of the Schottler Farm.

Erlitz said that the wrap-up meeting hadn't taken place yet as of presstime, but she feels that everything went really well.

"We just want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting us."