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Vadnais pleads mental defect in attempted murder case

A Somerset man charged with attempted homicide in the stabbing of another Somerset man last month pleaded was arraigned on felony charges Thursday, Oct. 6.

Ryan William Vadnais, 28, pleaded innocent and not guilty by mental disease or defect to attempted murder, aggravated battery and first-degree reckless injury.

Judge Howard W. Cameron set a status conference for Nov. 8.

Vadnais has been held in jail on $100,000 cash bail since he was arrested after allegedly stabbing Scott Melvin Germain, 48, in his sleep Sept. 18. Germain owned the Town of Somerset residence where Vadnais lived.

Germain told the court in a preliminary hearing Sept. 26 he suffered multiple stab wounds in the back, a collapsed lung and a surgeon had to operate to remove the knife from his back. He spent three and one-half days in the hospital.

Germain said there was no prior incident or altercation that led up to the incident.