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Fair Board seeks fairground managers

The St. Croix County Fair Board is hiring.

Dick Sullwold, who previously acted as the fair board's president and manager of the county fairgrounds, has stepped down and Gail Maier has been named president of the fair board. The problem is that Maier, who lives in Roberts (about 30 miles from the fairgrounds), doesn't want to also manage the fairgrounds.

That means the board is looking for someone else to manage it.

The fairboard is looking for one or two people to take over the manager role, Sullwold said.

If it becomes a two-person job, it might be broken up so that one person is responsible for managing the property during the fair and the other person would manage the property during other summer events.

It's a big job managing the grounds, Sullwold said.

"When I was doing it, I was there the week before, the week of and about three days after," he said of the preparation that takes place before the St. Croix County Fair.

The manager is responsible for opening the facility, making sure all the setup is complete, making sure it's cleaned after the event and that it's locked up when everything is over.

Sullwold said two county residents have been contacted regarding the position(s). The problem is that one man isn't available until next year. The other man has been unreachable, so the fair board is unsure whether he's interested in the job.

Sullwold said it's likely the issue will be addressed again at the next St. Croix County Fair Board meeting.