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Crop Management Field Day on June 18

In today's increasingly competitive cash grain market, corn and soybean producer's managerial skills are being put to the test to produce profitable yields while keeping costs under control. Amongst this new era of volatility in commodity prices, University of Wisconsin-Extension specialists, growers, landlords, and area conservationists are increasingly concerned producers are forgetting to conserve their most important fixed asset - their soil.

Heavy rains in the month of May led to significant soil erosion in western Wisconsin, stretching from Polk County down through Jackson County. For a number of reasons, severe sheet and rill and gully erosion has caused hundreds of thousands of tons of topsoil loss in some counties. Local reports even include public road maintenance trucks have been using snowplows and blades to remove topsoil off of area roads following downpours.

To bring awareness to the issues surrounding soil conservation, Knutson Farms, located midway between Ellsworth and Baldwin, will be hosting a Crop Management and Conservation Field Day June 18. UW-Extension specialists will be teaming up with leading conservation farmers at field stations to discuss weed management, pest management, and corn and soybean agronomy. Land Conservation, NRCS, and FSA staff will also be on hand to discuss conservation planning. Special guest for the day will be Minnesota researcher Jodi DeJong-Hughes to discuss the pros and cons of land rolling in corn and soybeans.