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Suspicious activity leads to manhunt in Star Prairie

St. Croix County Sheriff's deputies and their K-9 partners were called to a residence in Star Prairie Township on Monday, Sept. 10, in response to an attempted burglary.

Chief Deputy Scott Knudson said a homeowner had returned to his residence near the intersection of 210th Avenue and 100th Street when he heard a noise outside.

"He went out on the deck and noticed a screen had been removed from a window and was lying next to the house," Knudson said.

When deputies arrived on scene at about 12:40 p.m., they began to search the area for anything suspicious.

"We were trying to pick up a track but were unable to obtain any information," Knudson said.

A CityWatch notice was sent to residents within a two-mile radius of the incident, he said.

"We just asked that people contact us if they saw any suspicious vehicles or people in the area," he said.

Nothing was missing from the residence, nor was there any indication that someone had gained entry to the home, he said.

Deputies were on the scene for about three hours.