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ALERT: Travel not advised in much of Wisconsin

With more snow and high winds expected throughout the day, motorists are being asked to refrain from travelling unless absolutely necessary throughout most of the state as the Winter Storm and Blizzard Warnings continue.

The Northwest Region State Patrol has responded to about a dozen runs offs and crashes, primarily from the Eau Claire area and south. Highway crews have been out plowing state highways most of the night and will continue throughout the day.

A winter storm warning is currently in effect through Friday afternoon (December 21). Hazardous travel is likely over the next two days across much of the state. The heavy snow and high winds will result in blizzard conditions and hazardous driving. Driving is expected to be especially treacherous today and could have life threatening impacts. Motorists may want to cancel or delay travel plans.

Additionally, there is potential for significant travel impacts into Friday, with relatively heavy travel anticipated due to the extended holiday weekend.

If you must travel, check winter road conditions before leaving home by calling 5-1-1 or visiting Simply following a few simple driving habits could ensure that travelers will make it to their destination safely:

• Plan ahead

• Drive at a safe and legal speed for conditions (The 55 or 65 mph speed limit is a maximum speed for times when conditions are good/ideal, not for when roads are slippery and visibility is reduced.)

• Always wear seatbelts

• Leave room for maintenance vehicles and plows

• Do not use cruise control in wintry conditions

• Keep a cell phone and charger with you

Additional winter driving tips can be found on WisDOT's Web site: