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Richard Hesselink elected to FSA county committee

The Farm Service Agency (FSA) in St. Croix County has announced that COC member Richard Hesselink has been elected to the St. Croix County Committee to represent producers in the county.

The FSA county committee system, established in the 1930s, gives local farmers a voice in how farm programs are administered at the grassroots level.

In early November, ballots were sent to all eligible voters (landowners and operators) in Cylon, Emerald, Erin Prairie, Forest, Glenwood, Richmond, Stanton and Star Prairie townships to elect an active producer from St. Croix County to serve a three-year term on the St. Croix County FSA County Committee starting Jan. 1, 2013.

The St. Croix County FSA officials said they appreciate all of the voters who took the time to complete the election ballot. The county committee system works only because of producer participation.

For more information on the county committee or Farm Service Agency programs, call 715-684-2874, ext. 2.