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Gigantic snowman takes shape near New Richmond

Joey (left) and Julia Miller pose next to the completed giant snowman following last week's wet snow fall.

A nearly 12-foot-tall snowman was created by the Miller family last week following a wet snow fall.

According to Laurie Miller, the towering snowman took shape on Feb. 10 and was formed by Joey (18), Julia (13), Jimmy (16), and their dad, Daniel Miller.

"It is the largest one our family has made (so far)," she reported. "It was completed around 7 p.m."

According to Laurie, her son Joey started the project when he began shoveling the driveway as the snow wrapped up.

"After pushing about one shovel full of snow, he commented that it would be easier rolling the snow off the driveway," Laurie said.

Joey ended up pushing seven large rolls onto the lawn, which became the base of the snowman.

At about that time, Joey called for reinforcements; asking his dad, Jimmy and Julia to join the cause.

More heavy wet snow was shoveled onto the base section of the snowman and it was formed into a ball.

Another roll was made for the body which took three people to barely hoist it into position. Again more snow was added and formed.

"This process continued for the head and the hat," Laurie said. "They used two ladders to reach the top to pack on more snow."

About three-inch diameter rocks were added for the eyes and buttons. A red piece of plastic (20-something feet long) and old snow shovel handles were added to form the scarf and arms.

In all, it took approximately three and a half hours to complete the project, Laurie estimated.

Laurie said the cooperative snowman project was a fun family activity that harkened back to her kids' younger years.

"When the kids were younger, we had lots of outdoor family time," Laurie said. "Not so much in recent years. Oldest brother, Josh, is off at college and other three have busy schedules."