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Stanton, New Richmond begin boundary talks

Now that the boundary agreement between the City of New Richmond and the Town of Star Prairie has been officially approved, another township will explore a similar agreement.

The New Richmond City Council voted unanimously Monday to begin discussions with the Town of Stanton about a possible boundary agreement. If an agreement can be reached, it likely would establish a future boundary between the municipalities. Such an agreement allows for better planning within the township and city to take place.

City officials will attend the April 11 meeting of the Stanton Town Board to discuss the idea further. Copies of the agreement with the Town of Star Prairie will be available for all those attending.

Mayor Fred Horne said anyone with questions or concerns is welcome to attend. He said it's unclear if an agreement will be reached between the two municipalities.

"We're going to sit down and start talking," he said. "There's a chance we may not be able to have an agreement."

City Planning and Community Development Director Robert Barbian said a boundary agreement has to be beneficial for both the town and the city.

The city now holds extra-territorial oversight for development or building within one and a half miles of the current city limits. Extra-territorial powers expand to three miles once a community grows to more than 10,000. New Richmond currently touts more than 8,500 residents.

By negotiating a boundary agreement, the city agrees to limit how far out it may grow. But it also gives the city a way to orderly annex land into the community as growth occurs.