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Oh deer!

Diane Rose isn't normally a nosey person, but when she saw police cars outside a downtown business on Sunday afternoon, she couldn't help but drive by.

"I couldn't believe it was A'la Mode," she said.

Rose, the manager of A'la Mode Salonspa, 235 S. Knowles Ave., said she stopped to ask officers what was going on when she learned that a deer had smashed through the business' front window.

"It looked like a crime scene in here," she said. "(The deer) made quite a mess."

Rose said it's unclear as to why the deer decided to force itself through the business' window.

"I don't know if she heard the music next door and got scared or what," she said.

Rose said the deer avoided knocking most of the salon's product from the shelves but left a blood trail from the front of the building to the back room, where blood pooled on the floor.

"The police officers were looking for a key for the back door," she said. "They were able to get her out that way and they were going to shoot her, but by the time they got back with the rifle, she had bled out."

Rose said it didn't take long for cleaning crews to clean up the mess, and by the time the business opened again on Tuesday, there was no evidence of what had happened, other than the broken window.

"Really, the deer suffered the most, the poor thing," Rose said. "She must have been so scared."