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Detective retires from New Richmond Police Department

Bruce Borgen

Detective Bruce Borgen's goal was to reach 30 years with the New Richmond Police Department before retiring.

But life has a way of changing one's priorities, he said during an interview Friday on his last day on the job. A cancer diagnosis in January, and the treatment that followed, caused Borgen to rethink his retirement plans.

"It causes you to re-evaluate things," he said. "You think about what's important in life."

Borgen retires with 29 years of experience in New Richmond.

After starting his 34-year law enforcement career with the Kenosha County Sheriff Department, and spending a few years with the Cadott Police Department, Borgen took a job in New Richmond.

"I couldn't have picked a better place to raise my family," Borgen said. "This is a really good community. There are so many good people in New Richmond."

Borgen and his wife, Judy, raised three daughters in New Richmond. They all still live in the area, along with the Borgen's six grandchildren.

When he came to New Richmond, the population was slightly over 3,100. It's now a city of 8,000+ and the police department has grown steadily as a result of the population rising.

The department included eight or nine people 29 years ago, but now includes 11 patrol officers, two detectives, one lieutenant and the police chief.

"We've got some very good officers here," he commented. "They're well trained and they're good people."

Borgen started out as a patrolman in New Richmond, but eventually worked his way in a detective position in 2004. He said he's always found his work fun and challenging.

The job has become more challenging through the years, mostly because the public has grown to expect more from its uniformed officers.

"We are closely monitored by the public," he explained. "And people expect more today from law enforcement."

Still, Borgen said, he wouldn't have traded his job for anything else.

"I really liked my career," he said. "Young people who are getting into law enforcement today are making the right choice. The job is different every day."

Borgen said he will miss his co-workers, and interacting with the people of the community, after he retires, but he's looking forward to what's ahead.

As he heads into retirement, Borgen said he will continue to operate his lawn service and snow removal business, which he has owned for several years. He also plans to spend more time with his family.

As for his cancer fight, Borgen has been receiving treatment for the sarcoma tumor found in his arm and his last scheduled session is this Friday.

"Hopefully that takes care of it and I'm good to go after that," he said.

The department held a retirement party in Borgen's honor on Friday.