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State GOP legislators may introduce separate bills for K-12 and local funding

State Assembly Republicans will hold a strategy session today (Monday). And they'll consider separate bills to pay for schools and local governments.

Right now, they're part of the new state budget , which is almost 2 1/2 months late while a conference committee keeps haggling over things like new taxes.

The two parties are nowhere near an agreement. And Mike Huebsch, GOP Assembly Speaker, says fast action is needed to give more state money to schools, counties and municipalities or else they'll raise property taxes by large amounts this fall.

But Democrats say local funding should only be part of a full budget and not considered separately.

They see it as political leverage to get other things they want, like the new taxes on hospitals and oil profits, and using BadgerCare to insure all kids.

Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle says all major state spending programs are closely related, and should be part of the same bill.

The conference panel will meet again this week.