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Assembly Dems want to raid transportation fund -- again

The state Assembly's minority leader wants his house to meet next Tuesday to vote on fixing the current budget deficit.

Rep. Jim Krueser, D-Kenosha, says he wants to avoid a delay in this spring's highway projects.

The DOT says a delay is possible if a deal is not reached soon.

Assembly Democrats say they disagree with leaders of both parties who want to avoid raiding the state's transportation fund to pay for other things.

The state would borrow money to keep the road projects going. But Assembly Speaker Rep. Mike Huebsch, R-West Salem, says both are bad public policy.

And Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Russ Decker, D-Weston, says the gas tax fund is one of the last places he wants to go to cover the shortfall of more than $0.5 billion.

Decker and Huebsch have talked about refinancing more of the state's bonds from the tobacco lawsuit settlement and pushing more school aid money into the next budget.

Gov. Jim Doyle and Assembly Democrats oppose those steps.

Wednesday, Assembly GOP Majority Leader Jeff Fitzgerald said those Democrats talk about a quick budget resolution but they're impeding progress behind the scenes.