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Crandon shooter felt worthless before committing murders

Tyler Peterson said he felt "worthless" just before he committed last October's Crandon shooting massacre because he wasn't sure if his girlfriend still had romantic feelings for him.

The 20-year-old sheriff's deputy also left a voice-mail message for Jordanne Murray, an hour before he busted into a homecoming party at her house. That's where he killed the Murray, 18, and five others, hours before killing himself.

Thursday, the state Justice Department released hundreds of items about the case - the third such release in the last few weeks.

It included text messages between Peterson and Murray in the 24 hours before the slayings.

Murray said she needed time to sort out her feelings but was still open to going out with him. His phone message asked why she wouldn't answer.

Also Thursday, Van Hollen said he was comfortable with the way his department investigated the case.

Some of the biggest criticisms came a couple days after the shootings when Van Hollen abruptly cut off a news conference in Crandon, and urged residents not to talk to the dozens of reporters on the scene.

The AG said he was only trying to relay the concerns of people in the community and he should have made that clearer at the time.