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State agriculture officials not sure about state's corn crop

Wisconsin farmers had 96 percent of their corn planted by Monday. How much of it grows is anybody's guess.

State Agriculture Secretary Rod Nilsestuen says it's too early to tell how much damage the fields suffered from this week's floods in southern Wisconsin.

Before the rains came, 84 percent of the corn was out of the ground, and 90 percent of the soybeans were planted.

Haymaking was just getting started in most of the state before the rain brought it to a halt.

As of Monday, Madison's rainfall was almost 14 inches above normal. Milwaukee was 10 inches above the norm, and La Crosse seven inches.

State agriculture employees are helping flooded-out farmers deal with things like manure systems and storage facilities.

Nilsestuen says farmers have a host of problems from getting feed to their cattle, to getting their milk hauled.

Dozens of roads are still closed throughout the southern third of Wisconsin.

More thunderstorms are possible today in all parts of the Badger State except the far southeast.