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Rollovers, spin-out slow Tuesday commute

A traffic management camera looking west from the Carmichael overpass shows stop- and go-traffic at 6 a.m., Tuesday. The State Patrol said the backup was at least 3 miles at one point as EMS personnel cleared up an accident about a mile east of the St. Croix River.

Numerous crashes on a slippery stretch of interstate within the city of Hudson just before 6 a.m. slowed commuters early Tuesday morning.

One person was transported from the scene of the most serious crash on westbound I-94 between Carmichael and Exit 1, described as "in front of the Freedom station". Meanwhile, another vehicle rolled over near Exit 2 on the eastbound lane

An officer on-scene described witnessing another vehicle veer off the roadway and strike a guard rail before continuing westbound.

Hudson EMS and fire personnel responded, along with St. Croix County deputies and several State Patrol units.

Many state and county roads across St. Croix County remain ice-packed and slippery.