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Spring Valley man airlifted following injury

A rural Spring Valley man was airlifted from Elmwood early Friday morning after he suffered an injury when a steel beam on a semi-trailer he was tying down, apparently shifted.

Roger Wiff, 60, was said to be conscious and speaking with Elmwood EMT's early Friday after being struck by at least one beam.

Wiff, an independent truck owner-operator, had arrived at Steel Services, Inc., 1111 W. Industrial Rd., in Elmwood early Friday morning to pick up a pre-loaded trailer and was apparently tying down the load when the accident occurred.

A shop worker found Wiff when he arrived about 5:45 a.m.

Radio transmissions between sheriff's deputies and emergency medical service personnel indicated he was not trapped by the accident but needed immediate medical attention.

Wiff's wife, Judy, said she was told by caregivers at Luther that actions by Elmwood EMS personnel saved her husband's life.

He suffered a head injury, broken ribs and A possible leg injury in the accident. He was to undergo surgery Friday morning and was expected to remain hospitalized for several days.

A paramedic from Ellsworth Area Ambulance also assisted before a medical helicopter transported Wiff to Luther Mayo Medical Center in Eau Claire.