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New New Richmond water tower logo almost done

The painting of the New Richmond Tiger logo is almost complete on the City’s South Water Tower. (Photo by Jason Schulte)

For several weeks now, the City of New Richmond’s South Water Tower has been undergoing a rehabilitation project that involved the complete removal of the existing coating systemand the application of a brand new coating system. In less technical terms, one might call it a new paint job. Residents and visitors have seen a variety of looks on the tower during this project, from the old coating and its rust spots, to a containment curtain in shades of lime green, to the industrial gray of the primer coat, to the powder blue intermediate coat, and finally to the creamy “Warm Sun” color that many local residents have come to know and love.

Something is different this time around though, in shades of orange and black on the southeast quadrant of the tower – the New Richmond Tiger appears. A generous donation from Warren and Beth Wood has enabled the city to use the water tower rehabilitation project as an opportunity to display school spirit, civic pride, and a new look to those entering New Richmond from the south.

“Beth and I are longtime Tiger fans. This is our adoptive home. We were not born and raised in New Richmond, but we’ve been here for 30-some years,” said Warren in a previous story about the tower published in the New Richmond News. “All four of our children are New Richmond High School graduates and we feel that putting the Tigers logo on the water tower sends a strong message of support for have gone to school here and will go to school here.”

The tower is located in the industrial park at the corner of Paperjack Drive and St. Croix Avenue.

 -- Submitted by the City of New Richmond.