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Econofoods donates $1,000 to St. Anne’s

Somerset Econofoods Assistant Manager Keegan Mart, and customer service manager, Kris Carroll, presented St. Anne’s School Principal Randall Stanke with a check for $1,000 last Friday. (Photo by Tom Lindfors)

The Econofoods’ Direct Your Dollars program has been benefiting St. Anne’s School in Somerset for a number of years now.

On Friday, Econofoods made another $1,000 donation to the school.

“Every time parents turn in $150,000 worth of receipts, Econofoods very generously gives $1,000 to our school,” said St. Anne’s Principal Randall Stanke.

Parents who shop at Econofoods can elect to turn in their receipts to the school. Once the total of those receipts reaches $150,000, the store automatically writes a check to the school for $1,000. Moral of the story, it’s easy, shop at Econofoods and drop your receipts off at St. Anne’s.