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NR Chief Yehlik: On dogs, 'Nerf Wars' and safety in the city

New Richmond Police Chief Craig Yehlik describes some of the incidents occurring within the city. (Submitted photo)

As summer approaches New Richmond Police Chief Craig Yehlik is reaching out to the public to offer suggestions to keep your property and the community safe.

Dogs at-large

The New Richmond Police Department has been taking a number of calls this spring referencing dogs running at-large. We would like to remind those that utilize the city's beautiful parks and trail systems that their four-legged friends must be leashed.

Owners must also clean up any excrement that is left behind. Fines range from $98.80 to $136.60 depending on the offense. If you are looking for a place to take your dog off-leash, please utilize the New Richmond Dog Park. We thank you in advance for your voluntary compliance.

“Car shopping”

At this time of year the police department records a high number of thefts from motor vehicles.

We have had three stolen vehicles in the City of New Richmond in the past few weeks, all of which the owners had left the keys in the vehicle.

As a reminder, there is an ordinance that prohibits leaving keys in an unattended, unlocked motor vehicle.

Please remember to take your keys and any valuables out of your vehicle, especially during the overnight hours. If you are a victim of theft, please contact the New Richmond Police Department. It is very helpful to our investigation if you have serial numbers available for any items that are reported stolen. Also keep contact numbers to cancel any credit/debit cards you may have.

“NERF wars”

As recently seen on the news, young adults are playing a game they are calling “NERF WARS.”

This game has had deadly consequences when mixed with teen drivers and motor vehicles.

Players “shoot” at each other using Nerf type “guns” that shoot a spongy projectile. There is a point system associated with shooting their opponent and some are even playing for money. This fosters a very intense environment and promotes poor decision-making, distracted driving, and can have serious consequences when mixed with motor vehicles.

We are asking for parents to help educate their children. If your son/daughter is carrying around a Nerf-type gun, inquire about what they are doing and make sure you are explaining how their actions can affect others. There is also a chance that if involved in illegal activity, such as trespassing, violating motor vehicle laws or disorderly conduct, they could be cited or arrested.

The New Richmond Police Department is committed to educating the community on these events taking place in and around the New Richmond area. We want to keep our youth safe but need your help. The New Richmond School District is aware of these incidents and has been addressing situations as they arise. The New Richmond School District does not allow any of these activities on school property.

These are just a few of the issues currently being addressed by your police department. We are committed to creating an environment that is safe and friendly for all.