UPDATE: Juveniles apprehended in NRHS parking lot following threatening social media comment


The New Richmond Police Department responded to a situation at the New Richmond High School parking lot on Friday, April 21, after being made aware of a threat made on social media.

According to New Richmond Police Chief Craig Yehlik, high school staff was notified about a post to a social media app that staff thought could be taken as a threat. The police department was made aware of the situation and the threat immediately.

"Our officers worked very well with the staff at the high school, especially Mr. Swanson, which was awesome to see," Yehlik said. "I thought the staff and our officers handled the situation very well."

After being notified of the situation, officers were sent to patrol the area and came across the suspect vehicle. The vehicle was stopped by officers in the back parking lot by the high school track. Officers found three 16-year-old juvenile males who are not New Richmond School District students in the truck, along with two dangerous weapons. The weapons were a pair of knives, which are illegal to have on school property. One was found on the person of one of the juveniles and the other found after searching the vehicle.

"Two of the juveniles have been told they are not allowed on the high school campus and were taken into custody for trespassing and possession of a dangerous weapon," Yehlik said. "Their cases are being referred to juvenile court. The third individual was not trespassing, but he was supposed to be in class in another district, so he was cited for truancy in the municipal courts."

The juveniles were then taken to the police station for questioning before being released to their parents/guardians, according to Yehlik.

"The school did a great job of identifying a potential situation and treating it with the right amount of respect, because it could have a dangerous situation," Yehlik said. "They were quick to respond and did a great job working with our officers to handle the situation."

The following message was sent out by New Richmond School District Administrator Patrick Olson on Friday, April 21, regarding the incident:

"Good Afternoon,

On Friday-April 21st, the New Richmond Police Department was called concerning a threatening comment about a student on social media. Three juveniles were apprehended in the New Richmond High School parking lot without incident and are in custody of the New Richmond Police Department. These three juveniles do not attend New Richmond High School. There was no disruption to the school day and at no time were any New Richmond High School students or staff in harm's way.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Patrick B. Olson

District Administrator"