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Daylight burglary prompts call for awareness

A secluded home on a Somerset cul-de-sac was recently the target of a daylight burglary.

Although the investigation is still in progress, Somerset Police Chief Doug Briggs was able to release a few bits of information about the situation.

"It was a house in a newer development that had its entrance not visible from the main road," Briggs said. "Thieves will look for concealment."

He said that the thieves had probably cased the neighborhood before, looking for a vulnerable target.

"They possibly may have knocked on a few doors and if someone answered, they made an excuse and left."

In this instance, Briggs said the thieves entered the house using a house key that was hidden in a store-bought concealment device.

"These are not very effective in hiding keys because a thief need only study the home security aisle of a hardware store and they will know what to look for," he said.

Details of what was taken were not available.

Briggs did offer that the Somerset Police Department is available to do a security check if a resident requests. The officer would come out to the property and assess how to best protect the building and grounds.

"Anyone can call us if they see something unusual in their area," Briggs said. "We really rely on the instincts of our citizens."

The phone number for the Somerset Police Department is 715-247-3319; Web site at They recently started a Facebook fan page under Police Department Somerset Wisconsin that will send out automatic alerts if something happens in the area.

"This type of burglary is extremely rare in Somerset," Briggs concluded. "I've only seen one other in my eight years of being on the Somerset Police Department."