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SMS lauds students of the month

Somerset Middle School honored February Students of the Month at a breakfast in their honor Tuesday morning. (Front row, from left): Fifth-graders Aleah Britton, Julia Weldon and Chris Weyer. (Back row, from left): Sixth-graders Stevie Haigh, Leah Bauer and Kaine Lee. (Photos by Sarah Young)1 / 2
Students of the Month are chosen because they exemplify the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. (Front row, from left): Seventh-graders Dalton Gallaway, Dylan McConaughey and Kaylee Erickson. (Back row, from left): Eighth-graders Austin Anez, Brady Wall and Brooke Beuthling.2 / 2

:Aleah Britton is respectful, responsible and kind. She works hard and puts forth tremendous effort in all she does. Aleah genuinely cares for her classmates and teachers. Aleah is great student and an asset to the fifth grade class.

Chris Weyer is a person that his teachers, classmates and friends can depend on to treat others fairly. He is always willing to listen to and accept the ideas of others. Chris sets a great example for his peers. He is responsible in his behavior and school work. He can be counted on to do the right thing. He tries hard, is there for others and makes our world a better place.

Julia Weldon demonstrates Fairness, which is this month’s pillar of character. We can count on and trust Julia to always treat her classmates equally. Her ability to work well with all peers is an excellent skill. Julia goes above and beyond the high expectations we have for our students on a daily basis. She cares for our school and the people who are in this building, and her actions show this every day. Julia is an outstanding student, and an asset to our class and to Somerset Middle School.

Stevie Haigh continually displays her kindness and willingness to help others. Her excellent work ethic is apparent in the quality of her work. However, she doesn't stop there! She has received many compliments from others who have observed her great attitude day in and day out!

Kaine Lee puts forth excellent effort in whatever task is presented to him. His incredible work ethic, coupled with his ability to effectively collaborate with peers, makes him a fantastic role model at Somerset Middle School. Kaine, thank you for your excellent efforts so far this year!

Leah Bauer You can always find Leah with a smile on her face; her positivity is truly contagious to those around her. On top of that, Leah is a bright girl who always strives to do her best in class. Thanks for being a great role model for others, Leah.

Dylan McConaughey exhibits citizenship by frequently raising his hand to contribute to classroom discussions and demonstrates responsibility by consistently turning in well-done work on time. Dylan can always be depended on to show care for his classmates’ learning through his respectful classroom behavior.

Dalton Gallaway has come a long way! He has exceeded the goals he set for himself at the beginning of the year. Not only has he grown morally with outstanding values; he has also grown academically. Dalton has a very creative mind followed by his appreciation for what his teachers teach him. He loves to learn! He has become truly passionate about kindness and his day to day progress. 

Kaylee Erickson can always be depended on to show care for her classmates’ learning through her respectful classroom behavior. Kaylee exhibits citizenship by frequently raising her hand to contribute to classroom discussions and demonstrates responsibility by consistently turning in well-done work on time

Brady Wall is one of the most hard working, conscientious, and polite students in our school. He is attentive in class, and his class participation is unparalleled. His hard work has paid off, as he has shown great gains on his Performance Series reading test. Brady is kind to everyone in the building, whether they are peers or adults. All in all, Brady is a joy to have in class.

Brooke Beuthling is a hard worker who consistently completes her work well and on time. Brooke participates well in class and does a good job being attentive. Brooke is also friendly, polite, and respectful. We appreciate how Brooke is conscientious and kind to her class.

Austin Anez has been an amazing student this year. He works very hard every single day on his work, asking questions and participating in daily discussions. Austin is organized and courteous, and his education appears to be his top priority here at school.

Submitted by Somerset Middle School

Sarah Nigbor

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