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SMS honors students for citizenship

Somerset Middle School’s Students of the Month for March include (front row, from left) fifth-graders Tate Pitcher, Savanna Lange-Green and RAchel Gaikowski. (Back row, from left) sixth-graders Maddie Belisle, Talyn Weidinger and Tyler Soderlund. (Photo by Sarah Young1 / 2
Seventh grade Somerset Students of the Month include (front row, from left) Caleb Getschel, Elayna Richard and Brenna Davis. Eighth-graders who received the honor were (back row, from left) Logan Bidon, Emma Kielsa and Jordan Paulson. (Photo by Sarah Young)2 / 2

Somerset Middle School offer special recognition to its students for their strong display of character. Students of character know the difference between right and wrong and are conscious of stakeholders when making decisions. Student who are selected for this honor exemplify the six pillars of character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

This month’s students were chosen for their exceptional citizenship (civic virtue, lawfulness and common good).

Fifth grade

Savanna Lange Green exemplifies citizenship. Savanna consistently seeks to improve her environment. From keeping the classroom workspaces well organized to helping a friend or fellow student in need, she has a remarkably positive impact on our school’s culture

Tate Pitcher demonstrates citizenship, which is this month’s pillar of character. Tate cares for our school and the people who are in this building and his actions show this every day. Tate is friendly and polite to everyone he sees. His positive attitude and work ethic make him an excellent role model for his classmates. Tate is an asset to our class and to Somerset Middle School.

Rachel Gaikowski is helpful, responsible and respectful. She works hard and goes out of her way to help her classmates and teachers. Rachel is a fantastic student and an asset to the fifth grade class.

Sixth grade

Tyler Soderlund has a quiet confidence about him and truly listens to what others are saying. He has an admirable work ethic, always putting forth his best effort! Tyler is bright and personable,and always has a smile to share! Thank you Tyler for the great example you set in your classes!

Maddie Belisle demonstrates all the qualities of a successful student. She is engaged in her learning and completes all tasks with success. Her compassion for others and admirable work ethic make her a strong role model for the rest of her peers! Congratulations Maddie!

Talyn Weidinger’s excellent work ethic and cheerful attitude make her a joy to have in class. She is always willing to do whatever is asked of her, and she does it to the best of her ability and always with a smile on her face! Talyn is an excellent role model to her peers. Way to go Talyn!

Seventh grade

Caleb Getschel is a hard working, respectful student. Caleb strives to do his best, is

responsible, and friendly to all. He participates in class and is always willing to help others.

Brenna Davis has been a wonderful addition to the student body here at Somerset. Brenna is considerate of her fellow students. She is friendly, caring and respectful. Brenna works hard in each of her classes and strives to do her best each day. Congratulations Brenna!

Elayna Richard is a positive, helpful member of our school community. Elayna is hard working, respectful and and trustworthy. She is always willing to help a fellow student or teacher.

Eighth grade

Emma Kielsa is an excellent student; she is hard working and conscientious about doing well. Emma is also very polite, respectful and friendly. She stands out among her classmates because of her positive attitude and her kindness toward others.

Jordan Paulson was selected for her many different qualities. One of her strengths is Jordan's ability to always be genuine. She treats her classmates with respect, while being true to herself. Jordan's uniqueness is one of her best qualities. Jordan is a great example of knowing who she is, what she believes and not conforming to the peer pressure that is all around youth today.

Logan Bidon is a wonderful student who is honest, hard working and truly pleasant to be around. He is kind to both his peers and teachers, and he is always willing to help when someone needs it. His classroom behavior is always superb, and his insightful responses are a welcome addition to class. Logan is a wonderful student who displays a maturity beyond his years, and he is definitely the kind of student others can look up to.

Submitted by Somerset Middle School

Sarah Nigbor

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