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FFA Week goes off without a hitch

During FFA Week at St. Croix Central High School, freshman Nick Jones had to stuff as many marshmallows as he could in his mouth without swallowing during an eating contest Wednesday, April 30. Senior Brittany Doornink looks on in amusement. (Submitted photo)1 / 5
Juniors Bailey Booth and Ryan Gulich blindfold Jake Conley in preparation for an eating contest during FFA Week at SCC High School Wednesday, April 30. (Submitted photo)2 / 5
Sophomore Breana Blume feeds Colin Schulte a doughnut during the eating contests at SCC High School on Wednesday, April 30, for FFA Week. (Submitted photo)3 / 5
Senior Justin Albright is given a handful of tissues to wipe the chocolate sauce off his face during an eating contest Wednesday, April 30, at SCC High School for FFA Week. (Submitted photo)4 / 5
SCC’s Activities and Transportation Director/Dean of Students Jeremy Kerg earned a cow pie in the face on Friday, May 2, as part of FFA Week festivities. Students voted on which teacher would get the “honor” by putting money in the teachers’ jars. Kerg won with $10. (Submitted photo)5 / 5

When do you get the chance to eat deep-fried Ellsworth cheese curds at school, throw cow pies in teachers’ faces and dress like a member of the “Duck Dynasty” cast? During FFA week at St. Croix Central High School, of course.

SCC students celebrated FFA week April 28-May 2 with a variety of activities, including dress up days, FFA trivia, a medallion hunt, cow pie bingo, eating contests and a teacher appreciation breakfast.

Teachers and staff members who volunteered to take a cow pie in the face included Jeremy Kerg, Jessica Wolf, Zach Turpin, Chris Buckel, Amy Hueg, Jordee Reimer, Bill Emery, Garret Wenzel, Tera Hinzeman, Logan Kimberly, Matt Langman, Leanna Cernohous, Jason Koele, John Tackmann and Glenn Webb.

Kerg was the lucky winner with a grand total of $10 in his jar, which meant he got the pie in the face at an all-school assembly Friday, May 2. A total of $21.86 was raised as students put money in the jars of the teachers they felt should get a pie in the face.

Students were able to wager $1 a square in “Cow Pie Bingo.” When a cow, kept in a cozy pen outside, “fertilized” the ground, the square landed on was the winner.

The FFA also held a “Chick Lottery.” Fertilized eggs were labeled with numbers and the first one to hatch was the winner. Students were able to draw a number for $1 and if their egg hatched, they won a prize.

All proceeds from FFA Week will go the community backpack program, which provides food for kids and their families who might not be able to afford meals over the weekends.

FFA Week ended with the FFA banquet on Sunday, May 4.

Sarah Nigbor

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