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Reading and etiquette, hand in hand

Somerset School board member Bob Gunther read “Horrible Harry and the Green Slime” on Friday, Oct. 24, with third-graders (from left) Laine Moore, Seth Mamer, Austin Aslakson and Logan Gostovich during a special book club session. (Submitted photo)1 / 3
Randy Rosburg, school district administrator, discussed a book with third graders Pearl Story, Makena Ducklow, Ava Pesha and Ellie Kjellberg at a book club session on Friday, Oct. 24, at Somerset Elementary. (Photo by Sarah Young) 2 / 3
(From left): Garrett Mork, Grant Getschel, Sienna Anez and Chris Moore (high school principal) feasted on cinnamon rolls and discussed “Amelia Bedelia’s Masterpiece” at a book club session on Friday, Oct. 24. (Photo by Sarah Young) 3 / 3

Amber Vrieze's third-grade class participated in its first book club of the year on Friday, Oct. 24, at Somerset Elementary School. Together, five small groups of students read a book appropriate to their reading levels. Throughout the book, students met to discuss the reading, vocabulary, character traits and events of the story.

As a fun celebration for all of their hard work, students also planned a special book club session. For this last discussion, five guests were invited, including Dr. Chris Kamrath (elementary principal), Sara Eichten (middle school principal), Chris Moore (high school principal), Randy Rosburg (superintendent) and Bob Gunther (school board member).  

The guests also had some homework of their own, which included reading the book and creating discussion questions to share with their group. Each group of students planned a wonderful table setting complete with creative centerpieces, treats and a beverage. Students not only showed their great knowledge of the books but also had the opportunity to apply the table manners and guest etiquette they studied and practiced. A big thank you goes out to the special guests for showing their enthusiasm of reading to our third-graders.

Submitted by Amber Vrieze