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SCC CARES … and it shows

SCC second-grade teacher Shelly Clay (left) and elementary counselor Alyssa Matzek took part in a skit teaching students ways to be responsible, which is the character trait focus for November and December (Photo by Sarah Young)1 / 8
SCC Elementary Principal Peter Nusbaum holds the mic as Zaiya Stork answers a question during the CARES assembly on Friday, Nov. 7. (Photo by Sarah Young)2 / 8
Kindergarten Students of the Month for October at St. Croix Central Elementary included (from left) Cadence Trudell, Everett Knospe, Piper Bune, Brayden Jesch, Kayden Seifert and Alexis Stensland. (Photo by Sarah Young)3 / 8
First-grade students honored as October Students of the Month included (from left) Matyas Larson, Katarina Gooding, Chayton Gottfredsen, Elizabeth Ramquist, William Fredericks and Ruby Goossens. (Photo by Sarah Young)4 / 8
Second-grade students honored as October Students of the Month for going above and beyond in showing acceptance were (from left) Brooklyn Pizzi, Brett Graese, Ariana Cernohous, Tanner Feyereisen, Lydia Hubbard and Emery Sanders. (Photo by Sarah Young)5 / 8
From left: Kayla Evans, Ava Mortel, Wyatt Otten, Sidnie Roshell and Breanna Popenhagen were named SCC Elementary third-grade Students of the Month for October. Kids were honored for practicing “Acceptance,” one of the letters in the CARES program. (Photo by Sarah Young)6 / 8
From left: Tyler Klatt, Gracie Delander, Parker Shackleton, Michaela Trotter and Laina Rubis are October’s fourth-grade SCC Students of the Month for October. (Photo by Sarah Young)7 / 8
Caitlyn Hetrick and Brianna Steffensen, St. Croix Central Elementary students, shared a rap with their classmates at the CARES Assembly Friday, Nov. 7. (Photo by Sarah Young)8 / 8

St. Croix Central Elementary October Students of the Month were honored Friday, Nov. 7 during a CARES assembly. SCC CARES, and it showed in the faces and applause of the students as their classmates made their to the stage for their certificates.

What does CARES stand for? Cooperation, acceptance, responsibility, empathy and self-control are the character traits students focus on each month as part of a positive behavior intervention process. October’s focus was acceptance.

“The CARES program is up and running just like we had planned,” said positive behavior coach and second-grade teacher Shelly Clay. “We have a group of core teachers, janitors, specialists, paraprofessionals and administration working on a team to support this program. The program is to provide children with expectations and ways to help promote positive behavior in school and life.”

At each monthly assembly, students are rewarded for their hard work and efforts on the character trait of the month.

“There are Students of the Month that will be honored, but it is also a school-wide ‘pat on the back,’” said Clay. “The way that a child earns Student of the Month is by going above and beyond showing this character trait throughout all areas of the building on a consistent basis. Teachers nominate the students.”

Students know what is expected of them thanks to a consistent framework, teaching and signs posted all over the school.

“Now that the children know the expectations and all adults in the building and on the buses, playground, etc. are all on the same page they know that they must be accountable for their actions,” Clay said. “The climate has changed so much. The children feel safe and sure of what is expected of them. They have become more of a positive role model and have been doing the reteaching to those around them.”

The children were given a “passport” at the beginning of the school year. Each area of focus is stamped once completed.

In the months of November and December, the students will work on the character trait of responsibility. Teachers presented a skit at Friday’s assembly, acting out different challenges and asking students what should be done in each circumstance to be responsible. Scenarios included picking up equipment on the playground, keeping an organized desk and listening to teachers.

Sarah Nigbor

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