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Painting the town orange and black

Members of the New Richmond student council were on Knowles Avenue Monday, Sept. 26, painting business windows to help celebrate Homecoming. Students working on the windows are (from far to near) Zoe Christensen, Kaylee Birch, Lila Coleman and Cole Birch. (Photo by Raymond T. Rivard)1 / 5
Cole Kramer (left) and Madelyne Hatch (right) share a laugh as they paint the windows of the First National Community Bank. (Photo by Raymond T. Rivard)2 / 5
New Richmond High School students who were painting business windows along Knowles Avenue Monday in celebration of the school’s Homecoming are (from the left) Cole Birch, Lila Coleman, Kaylee Birch, Sadira Burgess and Zoe Christensen. (Photo by Raymond T. Rivard)3 / 5
Cole Birch and Lila Coleman put the finishing touches on the Homecoming artwork they painted on the windows of the New Richmond News Monday afternoon. (Photo by Raymond T. Rivard)4 / 5
Sadira Burgess paints the windows of the New Richmond News Monday afternoon as part of Homecoming festivities at New Richmond High School. (Photo by Raymond T. Rivard)5 / 5

Members of the New Richmond High School student council spent after-school hours downtown New Richmond decorating windows on Monday of homecoming week.

According to the students completing the work, the student council members took it upon themselves to give a bit back to the city business owners who have helped the school in many different ways.

And with homecoming festivities being held at the school this week, the students reached out to business owners for permission to decorate their windows downtown with images of school and community spirit.

The students also said that plans to complete the work prior to this week were literally washed away because of the heavy rains of last week.

They were to start with the painting downtown late last week, but decided to hold off until this week because it appeared this was going to be a much drier week in Western Wisconsin.