NRMS PAWS group bakes pet treats


The NRMS PAWS (Peers Achieve With Service) Animal Rescue Service Group recently spent an afternoon baking dog and cat treats to donate to Gregory’s Gift of Hope. Additional work for the group will include a collection of donated dog and cat food, paper towels, Clorox wipes and cat litter to be delivered to Gregory’s. Dog blankets and toys will also be made and donated to a local dog/animal rescues. Participants in the group are Onalie Dennis, Brayden Binford, Andrew Blattner, Lili Rudd, Averie Mathews, Preston Mathews, Rhea Warner, Rylea Davis, Carly Rodriguez, Ava Nordskog, Renee Backes, Ella Ladwig, Emily Zeller, Katie Swanson, Grace Stock, Cadence Miller, Olivia Beauvais, Madison Lewis, Ally Lindloff, Catherine Bartels, Josh Mealey, Hailey Drier, Madison Lewis, Grace Johnson, Kaitlyn Miller, Sammi Gibson, Trinity Ristow, Caeley Griffey-Byram, AJa Thompson, Evelynn Caruso, Ellen Stadler, Brenna Ellison and Maddy Schultz.