SCC Panther Production to give students real world experience


St. Croix Central

With St. Croix Central superintendent Tim Widiker's standing challenge to try and start two new programs at the high school level this school year, Assistant High School Principal, Activities and Transportation Director Jeremy Kerg is already working on putting into motion his plan to bring Panther Production to life.

"It all started with Mr. Widiker coming to us with his idea to create four new programs, with one of those being Panther Production," Kerg said. "It was really perfect timing with the new video scoreboards going in the gym this winter and the new video board for the football field going in this spring. We were already planning on doing a sponsorship program and some kind of video production program in order to run the new boards. It is a nice way to pair our athletics with our business and marketing classes."

The biggest benefit of the program, according to Kerg, is that students will get hands on experience with video production, marketing and the technology behind the new video boards as well as the systems that run the school's new auditorium.

"The students will get the chance to make videos and create marketing tools for so many different events and groups," Kerg said. "We will also be able to use that new technology to show everyone who comes to our events what is going on at the school. We can create videos to show people that we have a plasma cutter and how it is used in class.

"We can show them what our students are working on in their literature classes and just bring all of that stuff and more to the masses who come to our events. It will allow the community to see their tax dollars at work."

With the addition of the video boards in the gym and the football field as well as the new auditorium, Kerg envisions every game played at St. Croix Central and every concert performed in the auditorium as an event.

"We want to turn everything into more than just a game or more than just a concert. We want to use the new technology we have to make the experience even better than they already are," Kerg said. "We can take our events up to a new level with this new technology. We can really start driving this program forward because we now have the pieces in place, in the form of state of the art systems and equipment, to really do everything at a high level."

Kerg plans to start the new program with a new video production class that will start next fall. The class will be taught by business and information technology teacher Tracie Crowley.

"We can also use the new technology to plug our sponsors. We can tailor the sponsorships to all different sizes and what the sponsor needs," Kerg said. "The outreach with this program is unlimited. We can really grow the program into what we want it to be."

Once the program is up and running, Kerg sees many more opportunities for students to try something new and add to their skill sets.

"We want to start to branch out and get into doing a news program of some sort, whether that is just video updates or a full broadcast," Kerg said. "We want to be able to show the community the things we have going on at our school. We can even do a full scale marketing campaign for our drama department's productions."

Although Panther Production is still a little ways off from being a reality, Kerg said that the school has already started to livestream their basketball games for members of the community to watch from home. Fans can find the livestream feed at A schedule for games that will be livestreamed can be found at

"This is a unique opportunity for us and is something special we can provide our students," Kerg said. "The program will allow our students to be creative and I think it will be a wonderful program that will give our students a leg up in the careers they chose to pursue."