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Somerset MS January Students of the Month announced

Pictured are the January Somerset Middle School Students of the Month, including, (front, from left) Kohen Bonnell, Zander Leslie, Chloe Boreen, Josie Sanchez; (back, from left) Emily Driscoll, Rory Hoff, C.J. Peterson, Lauren Young, Tyler Hutter and Marissa German. Not pictured are Haily Martin and Ethan Greener. (Photo by Jordan Willi)

Somerset Middle School

Somerset Middle School recognizes the January Students of the Month for their strong displays of character. Students selected for January exemplify the six pillars of character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

Fifth grade

Josie Sanchez demonstrates all of the tenets of good character. Josie is firmly dedicated in her pursuit of education. Josie has a tremendous sense of how to help others and goes about it quietly.

Zander Leslie is someone that others can trust. He is a great friend and classmate. Zander is always willing to help other students and his teachers. He can be counted on to give help, encouragement or just a kind word when someone needs it. He is also always very polite and respectful. People know that they can put their trust in Zander.

Chloe Boreen is respectful, kind, and thoughtful. She is responsible and always willing to help her classmates and teachers. Chloe tries to include others and she brings out the best in her classmates. Chloe is a wonderful student and a pleasure to have in class.

Sixth grade

Tyler Hutter always comes to class prepared, sets high standards, and treats his classmates with courtesy and respect. He has a great attitude. Tyler acts as a role model to other students in the class. Thanks for being such a great person and student, Tyler!

Kohen Bonnell strives to do his best each and every day. He is conscientious with his work. He is eager to learn and if he is unsure of something, he does an excellent job of asking for help. Thanks for always striving to do your best, Kohen!

Marissa German her positive attitude and strong work ethic make her a joy to teach. Marissa's work is consistently well done and she is thoughtful and conscientious in all her assignments. Marissa is helpful to those around her and she is respectful of all adults and students. Thank you, Marissa, for your consistent hard work and enthusiasm toward learning!

Seventh grade

Rory Hoff is a great reader and writer. He also excels in math class. Rory is respectful to his teachers and fellow classmates. He is diligent in completing his work and projects. All of these attributes make Rory a wonderful role model for our younger students and his classmates. Rory is also involved in extracurricular activities. We enjoy having Rory in class!

Emily Driscoll is a hard-working and determined student. She will put in as much time and effort as needed to achieve at the highest level. Emily will not accept anything but the best from herself. Emily is also a thoughtful and polite student. She is always willing to help out a staff member or a peer. She is a great friend to all of the seventh graders and she always has a smile on her face. Emily truly demonstrates all of the pillars of good character!

Haily Martin is such a hard worker. She consistently comes to school prepared and ready to learn. Haily pays attention in class, studies for quizzes and tests, and turns in very well done work. She is a pleasure to have in our classrooms.

Eighth grade

CJ Peterson has determination. He stated early in the year his goal was to achieve student of the month, and his actions in class have followed his desire. He has his work completed, he asks questions when he does not understand, and he seeks out information if he were absent or missed class. CJ is responsible for his own learning, showing great maturity in his desire to achieve.

Ethan Greener is always respectful to his classmates. Ethan shows consideration to those around him by always using kind words and personable conversations. He works hard on his classwork, even when assignments are difficult, and he seeks out help from classmates to try and be a better student.

Lauren Young is a great student. She works hard in class and puts in great effort regarding her school work. She is well organized and conscientious. Lauren is also polite, friendly, and respectful. Her positive attitude makes her a delight to have in class.

Jordan Willi
Jordan Willi is a reporter for the New Richmond News. Previously, he worked as a sports reporter at the Worthington Daily Globe in Worthington, Minnesota. He also interned at the Hudson Star Observer for two summers and contributed to the Bison Illustrated sports magazine at North Dakota State University.
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