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Somerset High School: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

The Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the Dormouse give their testimony at the trial of the Knave of Hearts during the Somerset High School dress rehearsal performance on Wednesday, March 15. Pictured are (front) Sally Bodlovick, Sepp Swanson, Phoebe Dunleap and Ethan Gehl; (back) Brycen Chladek, Ethan Midbrod, Ashley Hess, Ashlynn Giossi, Daniel Bierbrauer. (Photos by Jordan Willi)1 / 8
Alice, played by Jaqueline Martell, talks with the Knight, played by Ethan Midbrod, about his new invention, his upside down box that was supposed to hold in all of his things and keep them dry.2 / 8
Alice, played by Kaylee Erickson, hides behind the Red Queen, played by Salem Rondeau, as the Queen of Hearts, played by Anna Pasno, glares at the duo for daring to speak while she was talking.3 / 8
Alice gets a scare when the flowers surrounding her begin to talk to her. Pictured are (front) Kennedi Kjellberg, Phoebe Dunleap; (back) Hannah Waskosky, Anya Swanson, Jaqueline Martell and Salem Rondeau.4 / 8
The Caterpillar, played by Ethan Midbrod, talks with Alice, played by Kaylee Erickson, as she tries to find her way to the eighth square in Wonderland to get her crown during a dress rehearsal for Cast B on Thursday, March 16.5 / 8
Alice, played by Kaylee Erickson, talks with the White Rabbit, played by Nikki Quaderer, about who is Alice and who is the White Rabbit.6 / 8
The trial of the Knave of Hearts gets underway with the Queen of Hearts prosiding over the proceedings. Pictured are (from left) Salem Rondeau, Sally Bodlovick, Brycen Chladek, Ethan Bidbrod, Ashley Hess, Ashlynn Giossi, Briggan Harris, Anya Swanson, Madi Hohler, Kennedi Kjellberg, Emma Keilsa, Amy Lippman, Mara Erickson, Kollen Turner and Phoebe Dunleap.7 / 8
Alice talks with three new friends from Wonderland who are stuck in the same river of tears, which Alice created when she started to cry about being lost and alone. Pictured are (front) Jeanette Newberg, Kaylee Erickson, Kennedi Kjellberg; (back) Lexi Mevissen.8 / 8

The Somerset High School drama department put on a series of four performances for family, friends and community members from Friday, March 17, through Sunday, March 19. The following picture gallery consists of photos from both the Cast A and Cast B dress rehearsals that were held Wednesday, March 15, and Thursday, March 16, respectively.

Jordan Willi
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