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March Students of the Month announced at SMS

Pictured are the Somerset Middle School March Students of the Month, including (front, from left) Signe Duff, Grant Hoff, Natalie Hansen, Laine Moore, Logan Gostovich, (back, from left) Grant Manske, Lara Bluemel, Riley MacDonald, Autumn Wood, Serenity Slayton and Olivia Miles. Jordan Willi / RiverTown Multimedia

Laine Moore is hard-working, respectful, and caring. She is thoughtful and is always willing to help out her classmates and teachers. Laine puts forth a tremendous amount of effort in all she does and she attempts to bring that quality out in those around her. Laine is a wonderful student and an asset to the fifth grade class.

Logan Gostovich consistently demonstrates the qualities needed to be a highly successful student. Logan is a role model and leader among his peers. Logan comes to school every day with a positive attitude, which he shares with everyone, and is always ready to take on the day. Logan cares for our school and everyone in this building. He is an excellent student, and an asset to Somerset Middle School.

Natalie Hanson has developed excellent study habits, works hard to do quality work, and goes above and beyond what is expected of her. Natalie is very organized. She is always one of the first to ask how she can help, which makes our classroom a better place. Natalie gets right to work, does quality work, and helps others with their work. She is very aware of what is happening around her and does her part to make good choices for herself and to encourage others as well.

Grant Manske is a wonderful young man. He is very respectful in his classes, to his teacher and his peers. Grant is very flexible and will adapt to any situation he is put in. He is a hard worker and dedicated to doing the best he can. We are lucky to have him as a role model for others!

Lara Bluemel has shown great responsibility this year. Lara consistently completes her work at a high quality. She is very prepared and plans for the future. Lara continually demonstrates respect to her teachers and peers. She is always willing to help others! Lara is on her way to becoming a great member of our community.

Signe Duff is an amazing young lady. Signe is dedicated to school and helping her peers be successful. She is a loyal friend and cares for others! Both teachers and students can rely on her strengths of listening during class, asking good questions, and completing tasks to a high quality. Signe is a determined 6th grader, and will do well in the years to come!

Drew Kreibich is full of responsibility. She cares myriads about her education. Drew is an exemplary writer, reader and overall student. This young lady has high character and holds others to the same. Her parents should be proud of the job they did raising this wonderful young lady.

Grant Hoff is a smart, passionate, deep thinking young man. Grant doesn't do anything halfway. His work is always outstanding and well thought out. You can count on Grant being mature and that brings out the best in the class. When he reads, he immerses himself entirely in the story, feeling what all the characters are feeling and seeing the story from every angle. Grant is one of those students that teachers can picture as an adult doing great things.

Serenity Slayton personifies her name. She is a pool of calm in a chaotic, rambunctious seventh grade classroom. Serenity comes to class daily prepared, with her work meticulously completed, and not only ready but eager to learn. Serenity is kind and gracious to her fellow students and teachers. She is an excellent role model, and we predict Serenity will go far and achieve much in her journey of being a contributing member of society.

Olivia Milles stands out among her peers as someone who goes above and beyond in her academic efforts. Liv is a delight to have in class because she is always polite and respectful and contributes well to class discussions. We appreciate the way she takes responsibility for her learning.

Riley MacDonald is an incredibly hard-working student who challenges herself to learn and grow every day. She asks questions when she doesn't understand, and she has worked very hard to improve her writing skills. Her dedication to academic growth is tremendous. Not only is she self-motivated, but she is consistently good-natured and considerate of those around her. Other students look up to her for her kindness and work ethic, and she is an excellent asset to any group work or partnership situation. She is the kind of person who can successfully work with anyone! Riley is truly an ideal student to have in class, not only for her intelligence but also her participation, disposition, and dedication.

Autumn Wood was selected because of her growth in Math and her continued success in ELA. Autumn displays a positive attitude in class and is constantly striving for more. She has persevered through difficult work. Autumn is a wonderfully talented artist and an interesting public speaker.