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April students of the month announced at SMS

Pictured are the Somerset Middle School Students of the Month for April, including: (front, from left) Mikayla Dulon, Paige Soderstom, Owen Parnell, Hayley Settem, Paige Schmit; (back, from left) Hope Baillargeon, Heather Gaikowski, Kyle Kamm, Ben Abrahamson, Carson Peterson, Payton Westphal and Joseph LeRoux. Jordan Willi / Rivertowns Multimedia

Paige Schmit is hard-working, responsible, and kind. She is thoughtful and is always respectful toward her classmates and teachers. Paige puts forth her best effort in all she does and she brings that quality out in those around her. Paige is a fantastic student and a pleasure to have in class.

Hayley Settem might be quiet, but she is efficient and quick when it comes to getting things done! Hayley pursues excellence in all that she does at school. She identifies the activities and attitudes that will help her succeed and then does the work to make it happen. Hayley has developed excellent study habits and works hard to do quality work. And she is just plain fun to have in class. Hayley is an asset to our class and to Somerset Middle School.

Payton Westphal shows strength in many traits of citizenship. Payton shows responsibility through his hard work, caring in his kindness toward others, and citizenship in his value of right and wrong.

Ben Abrahamson will have a smile for you at any time. He shows strength in leadership during group work and activities. He works well with everyone and often encourages other students who need help.

Heather Gaikowski is a hard working student. She cares about her work and works well with others. She is a great friend to many!

Owen Parnell has all the top qualities needed to be a project leader. He is friendly, a great listener, shares his ideas positively, and has a great smile!

Paige Soderstrom is an excellent student! Paige excels in all of her classes but is especially talented in math. Paige has worked diligently this year to improve on her essays in social studies class. Paige is friendly and easy to work with. Her classmates and teachers enjoy her positive attitude and cooperative nature.

Joey LeRoux has been an excellent addition to the student body here at Somerset Middle School. Joey is a friendly and cheerful person. He works hard and excels in all of his classes. Joey's classmates and teachers all find him to be cooperative and helpful. He displays our Pillars of Character each day!

Hope Baillargeon has a very relaxed and friendly personality. his character trait helps her get along well in her group during group work. She shows great citizenship to all around her. She works very hard on her labs and studies for tests. She will do extra to make sure things are done right. Hope has a very quiet and friendly disposition that makes it fun to be around her. She is dedicated to making the right choices about behavior and attitude.

Kyle Kamm was selected for his great work ethic and his kindness to those around him. Kyle seems to have a constant positive attitude that is displayed in his classes as he participates and stays on task. Kyle works hard every day on all work and contributes to the learning environment in all his classes. He treats all his classmates with respect and compassion.

Carson Peterson is an extremely hard working student with a great attitude. Carson continually displays the attributes of what an eighth grade student should possess. He shows great respect for both the adults and his peers in the middle school and takes his responsibility as a student very serious. Carson Peterson is a true Somerset Spartan!

Mikayla Dulon has been such an amazing young lady to have in class. Mikayla has a wonderful aptitude for being precise and isn't afraid to ask questions or take chances in the classroom setting. Her kindness to her peers is a quality that is sought after and will serve her well in her future academics.