Middle schoolers make annual trek to Camp Wapo


Ever since 1979, New Richmond Middle School sixth graders have spent several days in May on their annual "Camp Wapo" trip.

The sixth grade students stay at Camp Wapo on Lake Wapogasset outside of Amery. This year, 260 students made the trek to Camp Wapo, along with 25 middle school staff members. Through good weather and bad, students have come home with stories of the many activities held at the camp. The camp runs for four days and three nights, usually in mid-May.

The Camp Wapo tradition continues for a number of reasons. It helps students practice real life social skills that are taught in Homeroom during the school year. It connects kids to the nature and the outdoors and it disconnects kids from technology for a few days.

The camp also gives the students experiences that they may not otherwise have in life. Many of the students look forward to this trip all year, viewing it as a right of passage.

The camp offers a number of experiences that broaden the students' knowledge. They each get turns at kitchen duty. There are craft and outdoor opportunities to teach them hobbies they could use for the rest of their lives.