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May Students of the Month announced at SMS

Pictured are the Somerset Middle School Students of the Month for May, including: Paige Turner, Ella Reese, Mason Miller, Alyssa McGlade, Taylor Cole, Ethan Osborn, Madi Linka, Grace Barritt, Anna Bartig, Tristan Lewis, Cole Mckenzie and Julia Weldon. Jordan Willi / Rivertown Multimedia

Paige Turner is very organized. She is always one of the first to get things done. Paige is fast and she accurately and efficiently finishes her work. Paige does not wait for the teacher to tell her what to do, she is able to successfully work independently. She soaks up knowledge as fast as we can throw it at her. She is very aware of what is happening around her and does her part to make good choices for herself and to encourage others as well.

Ella Reese so clearly demonstrates our six pillars of character. She is very aware of her surroundings and adapts easily. Ella cares about her school work and does top-quality work every day on every assignment. Ella is an asset to our community.

Mason Miller has a well-developed work ethic. He gets right to the task at hand and does high-quality work. Mason stretches himself to try new things or new ways of problem solving and is comfortable sharing his strategies with others. Mason is an asset to our class and to Somerset Middle School.

Taylor Cole's commitment to working hard is apparent in the quality of the school work she completes. She is extremely conscientious of getting things done on time and makes sure they are done well. In ELA, Taylor's writing pieces exhibit deep thought and strong understanding of topics. On top of that, the eagerness to learn that Taylor demonstrates is inspiring to those around her. Thanks, Taylor, for making the world around you a better place to be.

Alyssa McGlade is a top-notch student who is always willing to go the extra mile. Her infectious smile and upbeat attitude are ever present which is why others are drawn to her. You can count on Alyssa to add wisdom and thought to class discussions as well as her own work. Thanks for being an amazing role model, Alyssa.

Ethan Osborn is a student every teacher wants to have in class as his sweet demeanor permeates every room he enters. Ethan is not afraid of hard work, always striving to do his best on every task set before him. Determination and kindness are two qualities that describe Ethan's character day in and day out. Thanks, Ethan, for making SMS a great place to be.

Madie Linka hey absolutely love her. She comes to class every single day with a smile on her face, a positive attitude, all the necessary materials, and her work meticulously completed. Madi is kind and helpful with her peers, too. She volunteers to study with students who benefit from extra time and attention.

Grace Barritt is an exemplary human being. She is an incredible learner that values her education. This lovely young woman is extremely kind and caring. We are proud to have had Grace in our rooms this year.

Anna Bartig is kind, compassionate and a wonderful human being. Anna is an upright student who cares about others and is an avid learner. She works tirelessly to be a better student. Anna is a positive example of a dedicated student.

Tristan Lewis works very hard in all of his classes. He consistently makes a strong effort to be academically successful. He is also very polite and respectful. He participates well in class and is very friendly to his peers.

Cole McKenzie is an incredibly polite and diligent student. He has a kind word for everyone, and he greets his teachers cheerfully each day. In class, he always participates in discussions and gets his work done on time. He isn't afraid to ask questions to improve his understanding, and he is truly an advocate for himself. His cheerful demeanor and smile, willingness to learn, and work ethic make him an exemplary student and a joy to have in class.

Julia Weldon consistently works hard in her classes. Julia has a positive attitude every day and treats all those around her with kindness and respect.