Old middle school purchase agreement approved by NR School Board


After months of planning and discussion, the New Richmond Board of Education approved the final old middle school purchase agreement between the City of New Richmond and the school district at its Aug. 21 regular meeting.

"We would work on a final closing some time in September," said district administrator Patrick Olson. "I do want to note to the board....I was in attendance at the first public meeting for the new library, and I was very pleased. There were comments that were made, as far as excitement and what this will do for our community. I think our decision to do this for the better of our community was heard by the people and they are excited for this opportunity."

Olson was also encouraged by the fact that all of the designs at the library board public listening session adhered to the board's parameters for the space and land.

"It was exciting to not only understand the excitement of the citizens of New Richmond about this project, but also how the community plans to use this," Olson said.