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Board considers nurse position

With only one full-time nurse serving the St. Croix Central School District, resources are being spread a little thin, according to Director of Pupil Services Richard Klanderman.

Klanderman brought the issue to the School Board Monday night, suggesting that the District hire another nursing professional to take care of the District's needs.

Currently, Denver Garfield, who is mainly stationed at the Elementary School, services the needs of all three buildings as time permits. According to Klanderman, there are more and more children needing medication and along with that medication comes liability. He said that when Garfield is not available, the school secretaries have been responsible for administering medications.

The new position would not start until next school year as Garfield is comfortable handling things the way they are until the school year ends.

The Board wanted some time to better categorize the new job and research the current market, so the job would attract candidates.

"We want to make sure we build the position correctly," said Board member John Hueg. "We want to attract the right people."

The Board will further discuss the position in the coming months, before deciding to move forward.

In other business:

• The second reading of the technology coordinator position was carried. The position would be responsible for maintaining and upgrading technological aspects for the District, like its Web site, which is currently maintained on a volunteer basis by Joanne Sanders, High School business teacher.

The Board also heard the second reading of the network administrator job description and fixed some of the language within the description.

• Kat Brossmer, Middle School guidance counselor, outlined several programs she has implemented at the Middle School. She has been working with kids on mediation skills, so they are able to work out problems amongst themselves. So far there have been 28 documented mediations.

Brossmer outlined several other programs underway at the Middle School, and Board members commented on the positive feedback they have been hearing.

"I have heard nothing but positive comments," said Howard Kruschke, Board president.

Administrator Dan Woll said he feels that with Brossmer's hiring, "we have a complete team on hand at the Middle School."

• The Board heard the second reading of the proposed changes to the High School grading policy.

With the new grading standards, 24 credits will be required for graduation, effective for the class of 2012. Other changes include a standard grading scale for everyone with an A+ awarded for 98 percent or higher, (effective 2008-09). A 12-point grading scale will be used to determine grades. An E and D- will both be worth 1 GPA point (effective for the class of 2012).

• Kindergarten round up is projected at 91 students this year. That number is down from 120 students last year. Elementary School Principal Steve Sanders said that is the lowest number in five years.

"We used to pick up about a student a week, now we are picking up about a student a month," Sanders said.

• Enrollment numbers at the Middle School remained the same as last month, with 379 students. The school gained two students and lost two. The High School saw similar numbers. The school is at 358 students, with each class gaining and losing one student from last month.

• The Board approved establishing an SCC general scholarship fund. The fund would come from monies that have been left over from unclaimed scholarships from the past.

• Kruschke reported to the Board the results of a survey conducted by Dennis Richards, WASDA consultant hired to help in the hiring process for the District Administrator when Woll leaves his post this summer.

Kruschke said that one of the biggest concerns Richards reported was the District's communication with the community. Most community members are pleased with the direction the Board has taken the District, but want more communication on what is happening.

According to Kruschke, Richards expects to get about 15 applications for the position. The deadline for applicants is Feb. 15.