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Juniors urged to schedule graduation conferences

Students in 11th grade at New Richmond High School are scheduling Individual Planning Conferences to be held in February and March.

These conferences are unlike traditional parent/teacher conferences. The purpose of the junior conference is for school counselors to sit down with students and their parents to review graduation status, provide important information about post-high school planning, make recommendations for senior course selection and distribute other pertinent information for juniors.

Individual Planning Conferences are specifically designed conferences for parents to gain insight into their child's development, and for students to gain insight into the direction they are headed in the future. The counselors' task is to determine how they can help students create and achieve broadly-based goals for their future.

Parents are a key member of the conference team. Conferencing gives parents and students the opportunity to discuss talents, interests, academic performance and future goals in a positive atmosphere and to continue developing a post-high school plan.

Individual Planning Conferences are not intended for a discussion of student's discipline issues. If desired, behavior issues can be discussed at another time during an appointment with school counselors or administration.

The junior Individual Planning Conference typically lasts approximately 30 minutes.

A conference informational letter has been mailed to all 11th grade parents/guardians.

For more information about the conferences contact the High School Counseling Office at 243-7451.