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Yearbook staff seeks full color

Some students at St. Croix Central High School are dreaming in color.

The yearbook staff has been fund-raising to support the production of a full-color yearbook, something the school has never had.

According to Wendy Johnson, yearbook editor and Megan Powell, yearbook treasurer, the group has been busy recently working toward their goal of raising the $6,000 necessary to go full color with the book.

"We've been fund-raising like crazy," Johnson said.

Having a full-color yearbook was something past generations of yearbook staffers have dreamt about, but haven't been able to attain. Up until now, only the senior class section and a few select pages were printed in color.

"It has always been a goal each year," Powell said, "but we've never been able to do it."

The seven student yearbook staffers have been working on ways to raise the necessary funds to bring their color yearbook dreams to a reality. The group sold candy canes over the holidays to raise money and they are also selling class t-shirts they helped to design to aid them in their goal.

The group has also implemented some classic fund-raising techniques to help them along the way.

"We have been going business to business selling ads to go in the back of the yearbook," Johnson said.

The funding, that began at the beginning of the year, has been moving along faster than the students first expected.

"Last week we were about $1,500 short of the goal," Powell said. "This week we're only $500 short. It's been moving along pretty good."

In total, it will cost around $12,000 to $13,000 to produce a full-color yearbook for students at St. Croix Central High School. The yearbook staff will take a $500 loan out from the school, which they will pay back, so as to get the edition printed on time.

"It will just be cool to have ours be the first to have full color," Johnson said.

Contact St. Croix Central High School at 796-5383 to help contribute to the goal of bringing a full color yearbook to the school for the first time.