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SCC sees good turnout for round-up

The St. Croix Central School District's kindergarten round-up saw the largest number of children ever.

At last month's District Board meeting, Elementary School Principal Steve Sanders reported that he might have to scale back from six kindergarten sections to five, as the numbers of kids signed up for classes was lower than the year before. However, an influx of students signing up in the past month allowed the sections to remain at six.

"We just really exploded in the last month as far as the number of kids," Sanders said. "In a month we picked up close to 30 students."

At the end of the day, 123 students were screened. This translates into having six sections of kindergarten next fall, the same as there is now.

Round-ups are an increasingly popular orientation program for pre-kindergartners and their parents. The event brings families to school to see classrooms, meet teachers and experience a kindergarten day.

Students are also screened for cognitive and social abilities that help prepare them for the types of activities they will face once enrolled in the program.

"Overall the day went really well," Sanders said.

Sanders said that the day would not have been possible if it weren't for the outstanding effort put forth by staff members and area volunteers, including: Angie Hooverson, Ryan Berg, Jodie Falde, Heidi Usgaard, Bobbi Wilson, Denver Garfield, Racheal Hovland, Jolene Thompson, Jo Moll, Kelly Hanson, Julie Harrington, Jinger Bruld, Lou Moegenburg, Joan Forsythe, Julia Hetletved, Barb Bowman, Rhonda Hill, Carol Bodish, Joni VanDusartz, Deb Murtha, Ann DiSalvo, Linda Olsen, Missy Gruenes, Shirley Arneson, Ruth Pfeifer and Sarah Pommerening.