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Elementary schools to be renamed

Foster's Crossing, Oaks Grove and Hillview are just a few of the names the New Richmond School Board is considering for naming and renaming the local elementary schools.

At some point it was decided that all three schools will be renamed, rather than just come up with a name for the new elementary school.

Suggestions from the community, staff and students resulted in a list of 75 potential names.

West Elementary School Principal Frank Norton whittled the choices to 50 based on Board recommendations to reject names of presidents and other people.

Norton then categorized the suggested names and presented them to the Board Monday evening.

Some name suggestions were made specific to a school and others are generic and would work for any of the three schools.

A few of the general names on the list of suggestions include Evergreen, Badger, Park Pine and Spring Cherry Elementary.

The goal is to have the three schools renamed by the end of May, as builders will be making a sign for the new elementary school and will need to know what to put on it.

After some discussion, the Board decided to e-mail their top two favorite names from the list to Norton by Friday. Norton will then come up with the most popular names for each school and provide that information to the Board by Monday, April 28.

The Board will then vote at their next meeting.