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Local schools react to ACT scores

The ACT results are in for New Richmond and other area schools for 2008.

Once again, New Richmond students maintained scores above the state average in every subject as well as overall.

In 2004, 118 students from New Richmond High School took the ACTs and in 2008 129 took the test.

Also five years ago, the scores for New Richmond students were significantly lower in every subject with the exception of science, which has seen only a minimal gain.

The ACT scores for the past five years are broken down by subject matter and then each school is given a composite score.

In 2004 New Richmond students achieved 21.6 points in English and in 2008 they garnered 23.0 points. The 2008 score is almost two full points higher than the state average of 21.7.

Five years ago, New Richmond had a math score of 22.0. This year the score is just above the state average in math with a score of 22.9. The Wisconsin average score is 22.3.

New Richmond has increased their reading score since 2004, when it was 21.7. The 2008 score for reading was 23.0 while the state average is now 22.6.

The science score for New Richmond remains relatively flat and very close to the state average. In 2004 New Richmond's score in science was 22.4 with the state average at that time being 22.2. This year New Richmond posted 22.5 points with the state average at 22.3

New Richmond's composite number was 22.0 in 2004 with a state average at that time of 22.2. The composite score for 2008 is 23.0 with the state average being 22.3.

"Overall I am very pleased with the increase in the scores and the number of students taking the ACT," said New Richmond High School Principal Jeff Moberg. "Wisconsin scores near the top nationally in ACTs and we are about seven-tenths of a point above the state average."

Moberg also said he wants students to continue to improve and make gains in their ACT scores in the future.

St. Croix Central

In 2004, 41 students from St. Croix Central took the ACTs. That number is up to 56 students in 2008.

SCC's scores hover right around the national average for most of the subjects.

In 2004 SCC students had a score of 22.8 in English and the state average was 21.5. In 2008 SCC scored 21.6 in English with a state average of 21.7.

Math appears to be an area of study where SCC students are losing ground as they posted a score of 21.9 in 2004 and 21.4 in 2008. The state average in math is 22.3.

In reading, SCC students had 23.4 points in 2004 and have dropped to 21.6 points in 2008, which is below the state average of 22.6.

Some gains have been made in science at SCC since scoring 22.0 five years ago. This year 22.4 just beats the state average of 22.3.

The composite score for SCC is 21.9 as compared to the state average of 22.3. This shows some room for improvement overall in St. Croix Central's ACT scores.

"We use the scores from the ACT as another tool to help us evaluate how well our students are preparing for post-secondary opportunities," said St. Croix Central High School Principal Glenn Webb. "Every year we continue to increase the number of students who are taking the exam and we encourage them to prepare to the best of their ability."

Webb added, "We also look at the ACT scores along with other data, in order to focus on curriculum enhancements that will ensure continued success for all of our graduates, no matter which career path they choose after high school."


Fifty-three students took the ACT test in 2004. In 2008 67 took the test.

Somerset students have improved their score in English from 21.5 in 2004 to 21.8 in 2008, which is just above the state average of 21.7.

Although Somerset's math scores have risen slightly in the past five years from 20.1 to 20.8, they remain below the state average of 22.3.

The reading score has dropped slightly since 2004. It was 22.2 five years ago and is 22.0 this year. The state average is 22.6.

Somerset students have increased their science scores from 21.3 to 21.9. Still, the state average is 22.3, which puts them below that mark.

The composite score for Somerset is 21.8 as compared to 21.5 in 2004. The state average composite score is 22.3.

The chart shows how the local high schools compared in ACT scores for 2008.