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Grief seminar planned Dec. 8 at NRHS

Counselors at New Richmond High School will host a grief seminar to teach parents and students how to move forward.

The seminar, which is open to all students and their families, will include information about the grieving process and moving forward through it. It will also include a question and answer session.

The seminar was planned after Erik Ness, a New Richmond High School junior, was killed in a car accident in October.

The seminar will address any type of grief and ways parents can help a grieving child.

High school counselors understand the grieving process and are able to work individually with students and families who are experiencing difficulty. The seminar is designed to offer tips, help address the grieving process and how to support young adults.

A mental health therapist from FamilyMeans, a community support agency of the St. Croix Valley, will present the seminar.

The seminar is scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday in the New Richmond High School media center.

For more information, call 715-243-7451.