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Wisconsinites urged to vote in Tuesday's primary

Wisconsin's single statewide primary election tomorrow pits five candidates for the top education leader, State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Other primary elections will take place in municipalities across the state for offices such

as city aldermen. There are also nine circuit court judge races in nine different counties

which will be narrowed down on Tuesday.

Close to home, a primary is slated for the Village of Hammond president post. Candidates are Vince Trudell, Tom Kinney and Eric Arthur.

"Unlike 2008, when there was a presidential preference primary in February, Tuesday's

primary election focuses only on state and local races," said Kevin Kennedy, G.A.B.

Director and General Counsel. "Nevertheless, there are very important races on the

ballot. We encourage all Wisconsin voters to participate."

The State Superintendent of Public Instruction - a non-partisan constitutional officer

elected every four years - leads Wisconsin's Department of Public Instruction (DPI),

which oversees public schools and libraries in the state. The DPI was established in

1848, the year Wisconsin became a state.

Registered candidates for the State Superintendent of Public Instruction race are:

• Tony Evers, Madison

• Rose Fernandez, Mukwonago

• Lowell Holtz, Beloit

• Van Mobley, Thiensville

• Todd Price, Kenosha

"While non-partisan primaries may generate lower voter interest, we expect at least a

ten percent turnout tomorrow," said Nat Robinson, Elections Division Administrator.

"Recent similar primary elections have turned out voters at rate of between six and

twelve percent."

A 10 percent turnout would be approximately 430,000 voters. New state residents or

voters who have recently moved should remember that they may register on Election

Day at their polling place, Robinson added.

Wisconsin has uniform polling place hours: 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Voters who are

unsure of their polling place location or their registration can use the State's Voter

Public Access website - at - to check information online, or contact

their municipal clerk.